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Nick Painless

The Boiler Room -

Painless Parties has been bringing the Boiler Room

to various venues around the UK for nearly 2 decades now

(we think of it as 2 decades of destruction)

In that time the format hasn’t changed as the Boiler Room

is still a tattooed and pierced,

adrenaline fuelled, musical roller-coaster

There are no "Ibiza Classics" here just the finest

Rock, heavy metal, biker and industrial anthems around

Soul Train -

The latest addition to the Painless Parties events list,

the Soul Train quickly became a fan favourite


Exploring the best in Motown, soul and rhythm and blues

from the 50’s, 60's and 70’s

These events feature the classic tracks you know and love

mixed with some Ska and funk just because we like the grooves

Just remember to put on your dancing shoes,

as you’re going to need them

The Black Cat and Top Hat -

The Black Cat and Top Hat events bring you the very best in

burlesque and variety entertainment with a sinister twist


Featuring regular performances from Organ Grinder

which compliments the varied array of delights from the world of burlesque, comedy, music and magic

These shows are not for the faint of heart or

those who are easily offended

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