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Nick Painless

Painless Parties was founded in 2002 by Nick Painless to host and take part in events

across the UK and the rest of the known universe.


Over the years Painless Parties has had great success delivering guest DJ Slots from

Nick Painless at various venues including: -

The Purple Turtle (London), Club Anti-Christ (London),

Whitby Goth Festival (Yorkshire) and the sadly now departed TJ’s (Wales).


Nick Painless has taken his burlesque and variety show, The Black Cat and Top Hat

to many venues and events/festivals, these include: -

V-Dub Island (I.O.W), 6 Feet Under (Wales), The Talking Heads (Southampton) and

Titanic Ink (Southampton).


Stage and DJ work isn’t the only thing that Painless Parties has tapped into over the years

as Nick Painless has appeared on BBC 3’s Snog, Marry, Avoid

Nick Painless was also requested to appear on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent

where he performed several demonstrations from Organ Grinder.


In February 2020 Nick Painless officially joined the Vectis Radio team

when he was given the reins of the

Monday afternoon show and then later the Wednesday tea time show.

In the winter of 2021 Nick Painless along with the rest of Vectis Radio team were

presented with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

The award is equivalent to the MBE and is the highest award

that can be made to a voluntary group.

In August 2022 Nick Painless was given the reigns of his very own specialist radio show

that he named The Boiler Room.


Every Wednesday evening Nick Painless brings a radio friendly version

of his beloved stage show of the same name to the Vectis Radio airwaves.

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